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Abolish Odors with Stink Stompers Air Fresh Packs

Stink Stompers air fresh packs are a timed-release beaded product that is Eco-Friendly  and destroys odors without masking them.  They leave your home, car, RV, office or boat smelling fresh and clean. Only $35 per pack or $33 each when you order 3 or more.  Covers up to 300 sq. ft and lasts up to 90 days!


Which Odors does it kill?

Pet Odors

Stink Stompers Air Fresh packs removes unwanted odors that come from pets and animals


Air Fresh packs will keep your sneakers, shoes and closet smelling fresh


Keeps both private and public restroom odors in check

Stink Stompers Air Fresh Packs can even handle common odors like…

Odors in Cars or Trucks

Cooking Odors

Even Kitty Litter (Phew)

…and much more!

  • Musty Basements

  • Gym Bags

  • Mold and Mildew

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Air Fresh Packs

$35 per pack


$33 per pack when you order 3 or more

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Only ships within US

Taxes may apply for Florida residents.

Air Fresh packs emit Chlorine Dioxide,  an FDA approved compound. The compound is used in the US for various applications including washing fruit,  sterilizing water and mouthwash.  Air Fresh Packs should not be stored near water, smoke, fire or acid. Air fresh packs should not be consumed and are harmful if swallowed. Do not smoke near air fresh packs.

Keep it until you need it. Your nose will thank you.

For Someone You Care About

Perfect for friends, family and coworkers in your life

These packets can be placed in duct work, vehicles. sports bags, attics, closets, near litter boxes, shelving, restrooms and many other settings where they will provide odor-killing power for up to 90 days in any space up to 300 square feet.

Keep a stock in your office

Kill those office odors and reduce germs. Now only $35. You can save when you order in bulk. Only $33 each when you purchase 3 or more.

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